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Detta mail har skickats från Saabs Veteranförening till Spykercars.

Dear Sir,

The 1200 members in the Saab Veteran Association have with great interest followd the dramatic development and sometimes negative reports from the ongoing negotiations between GM and different interested bayers.
We are of course extremly happy now when we realize that our old place of work, Saab, has been sold to Spykercars and that Saab will continue to develop and produce genuine Saab-cars again.
We send our special thanks to Mr Muller and Mr Jonsson for their hard work to get this deal realized and we wish the "New Saab" the very best and a bright future.
Thanks, that you did not give up !

Trollhättan 28 jan 2010
Saab Veteran Association
Olle Granlund
Vice President

Detta mail har skickats från Saabs Veteranförening till GM.

From: Saab Veteran Association.
Trollhattan 4 Jan 2010

To: Mr.Ed Whitacre
Chairman and CEO of GM

Dear Mr. Whitacre,

The Saab Veteran Association,with more then 1200 members have been following the situation at our old place of working with big interest.
We have had positive feelings that a new owner could purchase Saab and bring it forward with the same spirit as we have had during the last 60 years.
However,your last information indicate that you intend to close down the Saab-operation which consequently will be the end of the Saab brand.
Our strong feelings for Saab and our colleagues of today urge us to send this letter to you and kindly ask you to do everything possible to save Saab. We do hope that the last offer from Spyker Cars and other possible buyers will fullfil your requirements.

Thanks for your time and consideration of this matter.

        Saab Veteran Association
        Olle Granlund
        Vice President.                  



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